The Founder

Richard Bachrach, Founder

Mr. Bachrach is a true legend in the recruiting industry. He founded The Bachrach Group in 1974 with a focus on Accounting and Finance. Under Mr. Bachrach’s leadership, TBG has grown into the national, broad-based staffing firm we see today.

In addition to TBG, Richard Bachrach’s commitment to excellence led to the creation and advancement of many other companies, including RASE, Ltd. Holdings; Netlan Technology Center; Reel HQ Productions; D2C Solutions Group; BML Payroll; Oswald & Cleo; Synetek Solutions; Lots of Products, Lots of Solutions; and more. Through the accomplishments of these companies, Mr. Bachrach has contributed to the employment and education needs, as well as the overall success, of numerous national companies. Mr. Bachrach’s vision allows people to get a better education, find better jobs, and realize better opportunities for themselves and their families.