Training Programs

We offer a wide array of professional development opportunities to enhance our employees’ skillset, expertise, and knowledge. Please see below the list of our unique programs!

TBG University

To ensure the growth and development of The Bachrach Group’s internal recruitment and business development teams we created a comprehensive internal training program, “TBG University”.  TBG U has been developed by leveraging the extensive industry experience from our leaders while also utilizing the input of our youth to ensure every TBGer gets the training and development they need to advance their careers.TBG University provides a multi-tiered, 360 degree view of the Recruitment and Executive search industry covering various topics that help take our teams to the next level.  As TBGers advance through their careers with us they are exposed to new concepts that specifically target the unique challenges they face at each step of their journey.  Utilizing a collaborative and interactive format allowing for deep discussions and insight at each step, we work hard to ensure that TBGers never stop learning and growing.We are committed to our employees professional growth and TBG University is a key aspect of our investment in all of our TBGers.

DEIB Training

The TDC (TBG DEIB Certified) training program is designed to empower our team with essential skills needed to create a more diverse and inclusive recruitment and hiring process that aligns with our core values. This program extends the reach of its benefits by not only educating our sales team and recruiters, but by also equipping them to best assist our clients in leveraging our capability to effectively identify and attract diverse and DEIB talent, thereby enhancing their search efforts and contributing to the creation of more inclusive and diverse workplaces. This program focuses on understanding unconscious bias, effectively equipping our TBGers with the tools needed to recognize and mitigate biases in their decision-making processes. Moreover, it places a strong emphasis on promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging within our organization, ensuring that all individuals feel valued and respected. We also underscore the immense value of diversity and its contributions to our company’s success. TBG is committed to implementing equitable recruitment practices that guarantee fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates, further enriching our workforce with a rich diversity of talent and perspectives.

Executive Leadership Training

As a premier recruiting and executive search firm, The Bachrach Group is dedicated to helping professionals reach their full potential. At TBG we understand the importance of nurturing exceptional leaders which is why we offer a comprehensive Executive Leadership Training in partnership with top outside consultants designed to propel your career to new heights.Through our Executive Leadership Training, you’ll cultivate essential competencies such as strategic thinking, effective communication, delegation techniques, and personal development. These partnership opens doors to unparalleled networking opportunities and mentorship from accomplished executives.We believe in investing in our TBGers growth, and continued training is a testament to our commitment to your professional development.

TBG Buddy Program

TBG Buddies can give the type of context that new hires will not find in an Employee Manual.  For example, knowledgeable TBG Buddies can help new hires determine who relevant Managers are, how to navigate our environment, and shed light on cultural norms and any unspoken rules that exist, which could lead to a much smoother transition into the organization. Our TBG Buddy Program fosters a culture of learning, growth, and collaboration within the organization. This program also benefits mentors as well, as it provides an opportunity to develop leadership and coaching skills while giving back to the professional community.

Intern Program

Our intern program is designed to provide Interns with a valuable and immersive learning experience, allowing one to gain practical skills and industry knowledge while contributing to real projects within our organization. Our program is unique in that we go by a ‘matchmaking’ process in which we truly match the Intern with the right Manager based on the interns’ interests, field of study, ambitious, and personality.  This will lead to our interns to have the rare opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in their field, who will serve as mentors and provide guidance throughout their internship.