This summer I decided to intern for The Bachrach Group where I am working in the digital division of the company. Throughout my internship, thus far, I have worked with excellent mentors who have helped teach me the “ins and outs” of the recruiter world. Working under the top recruiters of TBG, such as Jaclyn Saxe and Max Siegman, has made my internship experience the best. At TBG, I learned how to navigate open positions while trying to align them with the best potential candidates in the candidate database, LinkedIn, and other avenues. I learned the power of researching to identify and recruit the best talent for our clients. I also now see how networking is an essential tool to possess and hone here in order to be successful. Overall, I learned to adapt to various responsibilities and tasks in a “working-world” environment.

My favorite aspect of interning at TBG, and the most important to me, is the culture and environment established here by all the employees. Everyone who works here is friendly, approachable, and helpful and their positivity is spread throughout the company and all those that are worked with. The people here are open to patiently teaching someone like myself, a new intern and everyone is greatly receptive to my needs in this role. Although my tasks may have seemed minimal to those working around me, I realized this internship provided me with valuable interpersonal and research skills from reaching out to people I have never met before. Also, I was an integral part of making a placement for a position that is difficult to fill. Knowing my work yielded result was very rewarding and motivating. I am thankful for this internship because no matter where I go, it is important to have these research and relational skills, along with the ability to network and make the right connections. TBG allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and ultimately grow as an individual and a professional, ready to take the first step in my career.


Written by: Brittany SklarIntern

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