In a world with so many prominent online platforms and social networking services, your first impression on someone may not always be face-to-face. For this reason, it’s important for individuals and businesses alike to maintain a strong online presence, with an equally strong personal brand. What makes a strong personal brand, and how do you maintain it? It’s all about showcasing the unique skills and knowledge that make you stand out from the crowd, and making, developing, and nurturing meaningful relationships.  

Skills & Knowledge – Displaying your skills and knowledge goes beyond the resume. 

  • Showcase what makes you stand out. On LinkedIn, for example, jobhunters should list any certifications or past experience that both emphasize their ability and make them unique from other candidates. They can also use this platform to present their knowledge of the industry by writing or responding to articles in the same field.  
  • Believe it or not, the above applies to companies as well. An online presence presents you with the opportunity to show why your business is different (read: better) than others in the same field to attract the most highly qualified and sought-after candidates. You can do this by putting your accomplishments and awards on display, as well as clearly indicating the general growth that your company has seen over time. This shows candidates the impact the business has had on the industry. 

Build Trust & Relationships – Your network can be a major asset if you are able to grow it.  

  • For someone looking to advance in their career, or start over in a new field, a clear, well-developed personal brand can lead to network growth. It also gives prospective employers a glimpse at their values and work ethic. Displaying positive traits and interacting with others within their industry makes a potential employer aware of a candidate’s passion and willingness to grow. In some cases, building relationships within an organization can lead to career advancement that may not have been possible without the connection.  
  • Before a job seeker walks in for a first interview, or even applies for a job opening, they will likely scrutinize an organization’s online presence – whether it be the organization’s website, LinkedIn, or Instagram page – to get a feel for the company. It’s more important than ever for businesses to display their overall mission and what they stand for, as well as key components of their company culture, future goals they hope to achieve, and a general explanation of the organization as a whole to help build a personality.  

Your personal brand precedes your interaction with a real person, whether you are an employer or a candidate applying for a job opening. In most instances, the other party will likely have already looked into you online and made their own first impression before ever meeting you. Building a strong online presence and displaying your industry knowledge, either as an employer or as a job seeker, allow you to draw in great talent, or conversely appeal to hiring managers. It is important to develop and maintain your online brand to present the best version of yourself possible.  

– Charlie Bullerdick, Marketing Associate 

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