In the last 3 months, how many of your candidates have gotten a flat tire on the way to a client interview? How many of your candidates forgot their resume because their printer broke down? How many of your candidates were a no show because they wound up in the ER? How many of your candidates lost a grandparent and had to reschedule their interview? How many of your candidates skipped an interview because “they didn’t get the confirmation email”? How many of your candidates were late to work because of issues with day care?

You probably lost count after the first question. Now, let us discuss Getting to know Your Candidate. Here are a few topics that will help you to better assess ways to spot red flags. 


Google your candidate!

job candidateDid they forget to mention they were arrested last week? BOOM, is that a mug shot on Google?

Word to the wise: Check your candidate’s social media page prior to submission; or the client might beat you to it.

What excuse HAVEN’T you heard?

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, DNR! It is difficult to tell whether a candidate is being truthful or dishonest. Get your candidate on the phone, and you’ll can sense their tone and genuineness. You can give so many chances to a candidate.


interview do's and dont's

Interview Do’s and Don’t

A great way to test your candidate’s dedication is by inviting them to an in-person interview. How prepared are they? Did they confirm via email or phone? Were they on time for their interview? Did they bring multiple copies of their resume? Were they dressed professionally?

Be aware of subtle red flags throughout your interview. Maybe your candidates shouldn’t spill the beans about their recent divorce or how much they despise their prior employer. If they do this with YOU, they most likely will do it with the CLIENT!

How are you getting to and from work? No, this client is not accessible by boat.

Reliable transportation is crucial. Maintain knowledge of which clients are accessible by which forms of transportation. And, always ask candidates which form of transportation they are currently using. Yes, it is wonderful that your candidate rode his bike 8 miles to meet you, but will he do this when its 25 degrees and snowing? (True story).

That’s a wrap.

It is important to build trust with your candidates so they can become as invested in you, as you are with them. Now, let us make some money!


Written by: Long Island, Office Support

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