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The Dissected Networking Pitch

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When you go to networking events, did you plan your pitch? Are you there to find a new job, new opportunities, to find clients or just to meet new people in your industry? Whether it is the above or something completely different, that should be expressed in how you introduce yourself. Having a well-executed pitch is the gateway into authentically networking/branding yourself.

Below is the pitch dissected, every word is there for a reason.

  1. Should be less than 30 seconds – you’re at an event, they want to talk to other people too.
  2. What you do – “Hi my name is Deven. I recruit for HR professionals and also assist companies in building out their HR department.”
  3. What you are looking for? This should be delivered as you being “in service” to others, not you selling to others. The difference is you helping someone in their job search or assisting them fill their hiring needs as opposed to you searching for candidates to fill your job orders and fulfill your client’s needs. Ex: “I’m here to see if I can help anyone find a new position or see if they have any HR needs in their company.”
  4. Personal aspect – makes you memorable and takes the conversation elsewhere if they don’t want to talk about their search or needs. If the conversation continues down this path, you may have a client/ candidate in the future. They most likely go to similar networking events and you can go with them. Ex: “I like to paint, resin pour and volunteer with a non-profit in my neighborhood.”
  5. Authentic – the pitch above comes totally natural to me, because it is the truth and I deliver it well. If you write a pitch and you feel uncomfortable saying it, start over.


Deven Lall      Senior Associate, Human Resources

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